Artificial Intelligence that does your sales, marketing, care and more.

smarter, better, faster

We have mashed up the best A.I. and Webhooks into SOFE.AI

Starting from simple web tools and chat, we have extended SOFE.AI into all major telephony networks and social media platforms. We went as far to develop our API's into many of the Natural Language Processors from Google to Alexa allowing SOFE.AI to be the smartest bot. SOFE.AI was developed to integrate with most ERP and CRM applications, allowing it to perform some of the deepest thinking logic available today.


Fully Customizable

No development skills needed, our team and SOFE.AI will manage all your custom logic.

Unlimited Webhooks

SOFE.AI connects to every commercial API, from Google Maps to First Data Credit Card processing.

Business Intelligence

SOFE.AI can learn, coach, manage and report on a wide array of KPIs and BI.

Software Objectives

SOFE.AI works harder and safer than any other employee, never takes a break or vacation, learns more with each passing day, works well with all other APIs and webhooks on the market, can multi-task with thousands of people, communicates with every available known platform, and believe it or not is more secure with user data than employees, there is more coming to the market soon.




SOFE.AI was designed to easily API into many web chat tools such as Facebook Messenger, enabling it to assume primary contact and agent for web visitors. SOFE.AI APIs can be connected to remote CRM or ERP systems to engage Users with real-time data sets. Complete end to end conversational functions.


SOFE.AI can be added to any website or connected to many POS (Point of Sale) systems, enabling Users to place real-time orders via Chat, SMS, Voice or Social Media. It can handle thousands of simultaneous transactions with PCI compliance and security in mind. Works with Google Home and Echo Dot as well.


SOFE.AI can be hooked into many PBX Phone systems, allowing it to handle Inbound calls, Outbound call campaigns, processing advanced IVR functions, taking surveys and more.

Frequently asked questions

What is it?

SOFE.AI stands for Smarter Order Forms Enhanced with Artificial Intelligence. SOFE.AI is a mash up of the current NLP engines, A.I., Webhooks, APIs, Telephony, Social Media and more. Basically its the best of all worlds wrapped up into one highly sophisticated machine learning engine. We like to joke around, that If Google and Alexa had a well behaved child it would be SOFE.AI :).

What can SOFE.AI do?

For starters, SOFE.AI can process orders like a Human, connect to many Point of Sale systems or Web Commerce sites, and keep track of every bit of data. SOFE.AI can be programmed to do just about any task a TeleMarketer or Service Desk staff can manage. If you want to make her answer phone calls, and schedule appointments, that's an easy one.

How does it work?

SOFE.AI is connected to several Natural Language Engines, enabling it to understand Voice or Text in many languages. Once it converts the request, it can handle the functions with a series of webhooks and trained logic to complete the task.

Is it really able to replace a human?

Well not really, but it can augment or support your team or staff in doing more with less. If you are stretched on resources and time, SOFE.AI can augment your teams functions and engage them or clients/users on completing tasks. Many of our use cases are Order entry and Marketing related, because humans do not like to do it.

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